I have a variety of game projects in different stages of (in)completion. I may eventually complete these:

System Sum. My first attempt at a room-scale VR game. Space combat using hand / controller-tracking based "flight" (fly your spaceship like a model aircraft).

This was inspired by Valve's Xortex but with a locomotion system to fly around a solar-system. This was a challenge for me on a few levels, intentionally taking me out of my comfort zones in design. In the end I decided to leverage the locomotion system back to my other project: OBSCURON.

COOPERRATA. A game for friends to shoot at robots together.

An asymetric co-op game mixing room-scale VR (Vive) and traditional mouse+keyboard players together with different roles.

Mouse+keyboard players would play the game as a traditional FPS + cover system, while VR players would assist as VR-hackers.

The game was placed on hold for being a wee bit too complex, but I do intend on getting back to the asymetric concept once I've increased my experience in developing for room-scale VR.