Apparata Kitbash

What’s in a name? Kitbash makes me chuckle in this context: This RPG project started with homebrew mods I’ve made for 5E. In many ways, homebrew rules are a kitbash. They are an inventive hack applied to an RPG, for a variety of reasons. They aren’t necessarily the best designs in the broader sense, typically they are more personal: a change to suit the players at the table; a favorite bit of nostalgia borrowed from an earlier version; an alteration of the pacing for flavor; a complication for complexity’s sake or a simplification for rules clarity.

I’m all for homebrewing / hacking / modding / kitbashing.

That’s not why I chose the name though. I already had an Automata Kitbash name on my mind, with plans to use it for a future PC game set in my Norship universe. Once I came to the realization that I should formalize my homebrews into a full RPG: ding! I had a name that snapped right into place, just a minor tweak to Apparata.

Apparata are a class of robotic characters in The Norship universe. A Kitbasher in that same universe, is a sort of technological Wizard that puts bits together to make something new and “magical”. Sort of. I’m still working on it. There’s another angle that I will post in the Norship lore section soon enough. Either way, the name means what it says in putting parts together: This world is driven (in part) by Apparata Kitbash.