“This is a repository of my ponderings regarding The Norship and it’s varied people. Their nature, histories and stories. Some of these I will eventually compile into a more formalized Lorebook. I will leave it up to the reader to decide what is true and what may be no more than myth.”

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The Norship

The Norship is a massive generational starship, that has been travelling for many years. Initially launched by the Nor (a humanoid race), it is now inhabited by a host of beings including multiple tiers of robots (Apparata, Automata and Awareon) as well as a curious collection of Mythological creatures and even Gnomes.

The Norship can spin on two axis: a primary axis (as seen by the rings in the art) where much of the ship’s population resides, and a secondary axis for a region designated for plants & wildlife. As designed, the rotation would operate 16 hours per day on the primary axis and 8 hours for the secondary. In current times however, only the primary axis is in operation.

Most of The Norship’s denizens are aware they are on a starship, but the meaning of that concept has changed over time: For many it is simply the world in which they live. Few are aware of its exact size or how the Norship technically operates. Even fewer have any idea of its eventual destination, which may yet be many millennia away.

Note: The artwork presented here was commissioned from Eisner-nominated artist: John Amor. I highly recommend checking out his work via his Twitch and Instagram pages.