Does Lore = Spoilers?

And now here’s a video where I talk about my game’s lore, without describing the lore itself. Well I have a good excuse this time: spoilers. ;)

When I tell the lore behind my game’s story, will that give players spoilers ahead of time? Or is it just the setting where the game takes place?

I’m openly pondering this question and I go through a bit of my reasoning within this video. I think spoilers are important to some people and not to others, but context is also everything. How do story & lore relate? I feel that’s especially important in the context of game development.

I do plan on telling the lore of The Norship, which is the setting for my game (OBSCURON). Ultimately the players will have to decide if any spoilers are too much– but I think I will also limit the scope of what details I give.