The Norship

The Norship is a massive generational starship, that has been travelling for many years. Initially launched by the Nor (a humanoid race), it is now inhabited by a host of beings including the Nor as well as multiple tiers of Apparata (robots), a curious collection of Mythological creatures and even (G)nomes.

The Nor inhabit the interior of the central sphere of the Norship, which spins for gravity making it habitable many layers deep along its equator. The inner ring around the sphere was originally intended as a docking and maintenance ring, but it is now mostly abandoned and holds a sparse population of (G)nomes. The inner ring connects to the arm that extends to the solar sail, both of which are maintained by the (G)nomes and small service-bot Apparata. The larger outer ring contains the Norship’s vast forests, now overgrown and commonly referred to as either the forest ring or the Wild Belt. Most of the Mythologicals live within the Wild Belt.

Most of The Norship’s denizens are aware they are on a starship, but the meaning of that concept has changed over time: For many it is simply the world in which they live. Few are aware of its exact size or how the Norship technically operates. Even fewer have any idea of its eventual destination, which may yet be many millennia away.

Note: The artwork presented here was commissioned from Eisner-nominated artist: John Amor. I highly recommend checking out his work via his Twitch and Instagram pages.