“OBSCURON (yeah in all caps, I know) is a multiplayer RPG game I am developing for PC. It shares the same Sci-Fi + Fantasy world (The Norship) as most of my creative work.”

Angular Masculine Model (now with Shorts)

Some refinement on my “male / masculine” low-poly / flat-shaded character. Plus my first attempt at clothing with a simple pair of athletic shorts.

I figured I should start putting clothes on them before I get my accounts caught up in adult / nude filter hell. Especially for posting to YouTube, Patreon, etc..

Eventually I will make feminine and androgynous basemeshes to match this. Currently I’m bouncing between character modelling and some landscape / terrain work.

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Low-Poly Water start

My game development this past week has been on pushing myself into shader code and vertex manipulation / displacement. Math heavy stuff, which is um, unlike me but that’s the challenge.

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Miserable Cold Day

This morning I am staring at stylised low-poly water shaders. I have a miserable cold which is starting to make its way out of my system but has also triggered my ocular rosacea.

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Low-Poly Facial Hair start

A first-pass attempt at low-poly facial hair. I’ll improve it, but I wanted to get the basics done to visually-test this overall style of no-mouth, no-eyes.

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Angular Male (rigged)

Here’s the next step on my “Angular Male” model: rigged and animated. The Mixamo animation I used is supposed be a “robot” dance but it’s so terrible and sloppy it looks more like a drunk attempting to do Tai chi.

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Angular Male (test)

Learning a lot as I go. It’s far enough along that I think I can try to rig and animate, plus begin to consider clothing, hair and facial hair.

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Low-Poly Body start

I had to start with the backside, because that’s the important part. Yes, I have an odd way of modelling. =)

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Low-Poly Head

I’m enjoying the UI overhaul of Blender 2.8. In making this low-poly head, my muscle-memory kicked in. For me that’s a first with Blender, which I’ve always sort of kludged-through.

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It’s an underestimate to say “I have been working on this game for awhile.” I don’t feel I have any issues with completing things, making games in particular.

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