Low-Poly Head

I’m enjoying the UI overhaul of Blender 2.8.

In making this low-poly head, my muscle-memory kicked in. For me that’s a first with Blender, which I’ve always sort of kludged-through. I’ve only been playing with v2.8 for a few days too.

Caveat: I am not a professional artist and my 3D modelling skills are only middling at best. I’ve poked around with 3D software ever since first release of 3D Studio (~1990) but my results usually range from terrible-to-almost-ok, so this may just be the best object I’ve made. Hah.

I’m going for a sort of “planes of the head” approach to low-poly here, where the intent is to make interesting shapes. Rendered here in Unity 2018.3 with a simple rim light shader as a fake / cheap attempt towards subsurface scattering. Feeling pleased with the results.

I may take character modelling seriously now. I’ll at least finish this as a full character, then see where that goes.

Here is that same head directly within Blender 2.8 (using a matcap) :