It’s an underestimate to say “I have been working on this game for awhile.”

I don’t feel I have any issues with completing things, making games in particular. I’ve been making games most of my adult life, with a reasonable number of completed + released games. Mostly on my own, sometimes with a collaborator or two, and even rarely as-an-employee-on-a-team-shipping-a-game thing.

So what gives? Why is my first post about rebooting a game project (on this rebooted blog?)?

I’m working two-projects at once, which is something I don’t normally do. I’ve also had a lot of real-life disruptions the past few years (which I have happily recovered from now).

So this is a somewhat defensive post: stating why something isn’t completed, even though most people reading this have never heard of OBSCURON (or likely me). I drive my development vehicles with passion and I’m telling myself that I am in-fact not splitting my attention as I drive. That’s a terrible analogy, because I prefer to walk, but still.

OBSCURON is what I call it now. Yeah, all-caps because somehow it just looks correct that way, to my eyes. I’ve gone through other names: Awareon, COOPeratta, and Obscurland. Maybe I’ll reuse those later.

My next posting on this game will actually be about the game, I promise. =)