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“I am an independent game developer taking a hedonistic approach to game development: I make what I am driven to make and that keeps me happy. I have a strong preference for cooperative / collaborative gameplay.”

Unity Physics and a Conundrum

Unity announced two new physics systems: The “Unity Physics” one is especially interesting because it’s deterministic by design.

Here’s a video with my pros and cons, specifically in relation to my game-project.

I hadn’t planned on updating my project to Unity 2019, because I don’t think it will be feature-stable until at least the end of the year. I am considering it though, because deterministic physics is a killer-feature, especially for a networked RPG.

It’s probably a moot point (for now) because the new physics itself is just barely alpha, but it was fun to have an excuse to mention Air Warrior from the late-80’s + early-90’s, even though that was nearly off-topic.

Mid-March Rambling about GameDev Expectations

I had some stumbles this week, which is a normal part of game development. Yet content must still continue, so rather than talk about those stumbles directly: I made a rambling video about expectations and promises in regards to game development.

Volcano Terrain Test

I’ve been making progress, getting a bit better at the sculpting method I posted in a recent game-dev-log video. Here’s a low-poly volcano I’ve been working on.

I feel the 1k version here is more readable and stylish– but that illustrates a tricky aspect of wrangling flat-shaded polygons:

I can easily decimate a mesh to get quick-and-interesting results, but there’s a matter of scale and consistency. If a large mountain with polys this few (1k version) is viewed close-up, it’s going to appear too-flat and less interesting. If the polys are more dense, then at distance it may have too much detail and lose the faceted style altogether.

I could try different LODs with varying geometry but I expect as you move towards them, those polys will “pop” in a very jarring way.

This is going to take a lot of trial and error before I settle on a good system / pipeline for it.