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“I am an independent game developer taking a hedonistic approach to game development: I make what I am driven to make and that keeps me happy. I have a strong preference for cooperative / collaborative gameplay.”

YouTube Channel Intro

A video in which I talk briefly about my game-in-development without actually showing anything about the game (yet).

Basically this is just my YouTube intro video and to launch myself into more-regularly producing video content (and promoting my Discord servera>).

Low-Poly Water start

My game development this past week has been on pushing myself into shader code and vertex manipulation / displacement. Math heavy stuff, which is um, unlike me but that’s the challenge.

Haven’t much to show for it yet because it’s been a process of trying things –> tossing things away –> trying again. Getting there though (I hope).

On that note, here’s my early work so far on a low-poly water shader. I’d like to get to a rushing-river effect eventually, but currently this wave / cross-wave displacement will do.

The depth part of the shader is a bit messed up, but I can’t test that until I do a proper scene (where the water actually has depth, hah).

Miserable Cold Day

This morning I am staring at stylised low-poly water shaders.

I have a miserable cold which is starting to make its way out of my system but has also triggered my ocular rosacea. It’s hard to focus. My brain is working at something slower than 1/3rd speed.

Staring at the mesmerising water patterns, uncomprehending.

Oh, and here’s the beard I posted a few days ago, slightly sculpted / improved somewhat: