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“I am an independent game developer taking a hedonistic approach to game development: I make what I am driven to make and that keeps me happy. I have a strong preference for cooperative / collaborative gameplay.”

Low-Poly Facial Hair start

A first-pass attempt at low-poly facial hair. I’ll improve it, but I wanted to get the basics done to visually-test this overall style of no-mouth, no-eyes.

The idea was that the other facial elements would give enough hint at eyes + mouth, but I would also avoid an entirely blank-face look that’s prevalent with low-poly art-styles.

I’m feeling pleased and moving forward with this. A full head of hair is going to be a greater challenge.

Angular Male (rigged)

Here’s the next step on my “Angular Male” model: rigged and animated.

The Mixamo animation I used is supposed be a “robot” dance but it’s so terrible and sloppy it looks more like a drunk attempting to do Tai chi. I found that amusing enough to snap a video.

I did the rigging with Akeytsu and this was my first serious attempt at manually rigging (previously I used automated rigs). Rendered in Unity 2018.3 with some minor post-processing.

The character’s head is attached separately, so I can swap in other heads / faces. Now I really need to put some clothes on this guy and probably give him eyebrows or something for personality.

For anyone curious, here’s what the Akeytsu rigging looks like. I’ve got all of the Unity-default bones here, including the eyesockets and jaw bone (just in case I decide to use those later):

I was tempted to learn the rigging in Blender but since I already owned Akeytsu from a Steam sale, it made sense and it turns out I quite like the simplicity of the software.

Angular Male (test)

Learning a lot as I go. It’s far enough along that I think I can try to rig and animate, plus begin to consider clothing, hair and facial hair.

I’m not good with knees so I’ll probably give those another go later. I also have no shame in saying I took the hands from another model (license permitting) because they fit the style just fine. I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel there and I’ll learn hands on another day (or week | month).